How to maintain the group lifting electric hoist

How to maintain the group lifting electric hoist

03 Jul 2019

Group lifting electric hoists have some problems in daily use inevitably, so we must always maintain them in normal times. Let's take a look at how to maintain the hoists by lomba lifting.
1: When using group hanging hoists outdoors, rainproof equipment should be installed.
2: Maintenance of the chain hoist chain, the chain should be lubricated with oil, please apply the oil in the high dust factory, and regularly remove the foreign objects in the chain and the limit guide group to ensure the smooth running of the chain.
3: When the group hoist is not used for a long time, it should be rust-proofed, cleaned and maintained, and run up and down for 1-3 minutes to maintain its performance.
4: Always keep the group hoist parts dry. When the operation is finished, please drive the hoist away from the wet area, high temperature area or chemical area to maintain its performance.
5: The oil in the group crane hoist gearbox should be checked for 500 hours from the start of operation. Check if the amount of lubricant is sufficient. Check the lubricating oil regularly in the third month. If it is insufficient, you need to refuel.
In daily use, we must pay attention to the maintenance which can greatly increase its service life.

The reason of popular for group lifting electric hoist 
As a kind of electric hoist with synchronization function, group hanging hoist is highly recognized and welcomed by users. Group hanging hoists are mainly used in construction, oil tanks, steel silos and other fields, and are the first choice for people. Group hanging hoists have six main advantages:
1. Determination and allocation of reliability indicators: set the funct
ion of the product and user requirements, and formulate corresponding reliability index values;
2. Reliability prediction: that is, the design and development stage of the group hoist, the reliability of the new system is estimated based on the reliability data of similar systems in the past, and the required reliability index is achieved.
3. Reliability design: According to the reliability theory and method, determine the structural scheme of the parts and the whole machine and the related parameter process.
4, manufacturing reliability: that is, in the production process of group crane electric hoist, to ensure product advantages, while ensuring product quality and reliability
5. Reliability test: The product is tested by the specified test method to ensure the reliability of the product, so that the reliability index of the product meets the specified requirements.
6. Reliability appraisal: Determine whether the group crane electric hoist products meet the reliability and quality requirements. Only the products that pass the quality appraisal can be put into mass production and sales.


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