Can you easily lift a few tons of items, what is the working principle of the chain hoist?

Can you easily lift a few tons of items, what is the working principle of the chain hoist?

29 Aug 2019

Hand chain hoist is a simple and easy to carry manual lifting device, also known as reverse chain, chain hoist and other names, it is suitable for short-distance lifting of small equipment items, the lifting weight is generally about 10 tons, the lifting height is generally 6 meters, but also very labor-saving, cheap, widely used in factories, miners, construction and other fields for installation machinery, lifting equipment, especially in the field of no power, narrow space has obvious advantages.
Chain hoist classification
The chain hoist is subdivided into many types, and the common materials are divided into alloy steel, stainless steel, explosion-proof, and aluminum alloy chain hoists.
According to the shape, it is divided into round, triangular, square and mini chain hoists.
Chain hoist structure
Although the chain hoist looks small in size, it is composed of more than 70 parts, mainly composed of several large parts such as sprocket, hand chain, transmission gear, lifting chain and upper and lower hooks. The transmission mode is generally gear. The type of transmission, which is now the most extensive transmission mode, is driven by the hoisting sprocket. The hoisting chain is connected with the lower hook. The chain that transmits the human power is the bracelet and the lower hook is used to hang the cargo.
Hand chain hoist working principle
The chain hoist is an upgraded version of the pulley, which fully inherits the advantages of the pulley. The labor-saving principle of the chain hoist is to use the mechanical principle to drive the chain to generate traction. Using the gear transmission method, the pinion drives the large gear and the torque is amplified. Passed out to drive the lifting chain to complete lifting and lifting of the weight.

When the chain hoist lifts the cargo upwards, the bracelet is pulled down to rotate the bracelet wheel clockwise, the hand wheel rotates, the friction plate ratchet and the brake are pressed together to rotate together, so the hand wheel drives the transmission gears to make the lifting sprocket The chain is driven to smoothly lift the cargo. The ratchet friction plate type one-way brake is used to automatically brake under load. The pawl is engaged with the gear under the action of the spring to ensure that the cargo stays in the air and does not fall by itself.
When descending, pull down another bracelet to make the bracelet rotate counterclockwise. At this time, the claws release the ratchet, and under the weight of the lower hook, it can be smoothly lowered. When the bracelet stops pulling, the brake is immediately The brake function is restored so that the cargo can be stopped at any position.
Manufacturing of chain hoist chains
The main components of the chain hoist are made of alloy steel. The lifting chain is one of the most important and key components of the chain hoist. The material is made of alloy steel. The specifications of the chain vary according to the tonnage. The diameter of the chain of 1 ton is 6 The millimeter, 3 ton chain is 8 mm in diameter, so let's see how the chain is made.
The steel strip is straightened by the machine first, and then the notch is pressed out on each steel strip according to the size, so that the steel strip can be cut when the rear buckle is pressed.
The machine is then pressed into an oval buckle according to each steel bar, and each button is connected to form a long chain.

The round buckle on the chain should be welded, and then subjected to high temperature heat treatment to ensure the strength. The surface of the chain is electroplated to meet the anti-corrosion requirements.
Safety and maintenance of chain hoists
As a kind of lifting equipment, the chain hoist needs to carry several tons or dozens of tons of gravity during use. If the operation is improper or the product quality is unqualified, it will cause a safety accident.
At the time of purchase, the corresponding specifications are selected according to the needs of use. The specifications can only be large or small, and the load weight of the product cannot be exceeded during use, and the appearance of the product and the quality of chain welding are checked.
Check whether the components are intact and firm before use, and whether the chain is broken or not.
When using, do not pull the chain diagonally. Do not pull the heavy objects and horizontal traction. It is strictly forbidden to use strong power other than manpower to carry out strong pulling. When lifting or lowering, it is strictly forbidden for people to stand or walk under heavy objects. When using chain hoists First pull the bracelet back, let the lifting chain relax, so that it has a full lifting distance, and then slowly increase.
Regular maintenance is required after use, and the transmission parts should be lubricated to reduce friction.


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