How does the Outdoor Lift Crane accessory prevent rust?

How does the Outdoor Lift Crane accessory prevent rust?

21 Nov 2019

Because the Outdoor Lift Crane parts need to be used frequently, the environment used may have a damp place, work in a humid place for a long time, and rust will appear over time, which will not only affect its beauty, but also affect the performance. To avoid this situation, you need to do the paint work. The following is a brief introduction to the rust prevention measures for the lifting parts.

The paint and paint methods used in crane fittings should be combined with the climatic and environmental conditions of the area in which the paint and painting process should also comply with recognized standards and specifications.

Outdoor Lift Crane
The lifting parts should be cleaned and rusted before painting. Paint application should generally be carried out at a temperature of 10-32 °C, taking into account the paint manufacturer's paint specifications.

The painting site should be well ventilated. Measures should be taken in case of moisture and dust or sun exposure, otherwise the painting should be stopped.

Crane fitting paints are generally airless pressure spray equipment, and the oil film thickness is measured using a metric dry film thickness gauge.

Stir the paint before use until the paint is completely mixed. If the paint composition has a tendency to precipitate quickly, it is often stirred.

When the same color is continuously applied, layering is performed, and each layer has sufficient contrast to identify whether it is completely covered.

The frictional joint surface of the lifting fittings needs to be sandblasted to ensure that the joint surface has a sufficient coefficient of friction. The joint surface of the load-bearing joint surface or ordinary bolts is allowed to be painted, and the other joint joint surfaces may not be painted, but rust-proof measures are required.


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