What is the rated load in Electric Chain hoist?

What is the rated load in Electric Chain hoist?

31 Mar 2020

The load capacity is the maximum rated load that lifting equipment such as Electric Chain hoist can handle. Although the manufacturer will explain that the electric hoist has been tested beyond the limit, the operator should not try to lift a load heavier than the maximum rated load Because accidents are very likely

The pulling force is generally used to describe the force required to lift the load. For example, a 1 / 2-ton manual hoist can specify a 40-pound pulling force. If the operator needs to pull a 40-pound weight, he needs to lift a maximum of 1/2 ton (that is, 500 pounds). ) Load.

Electric Chain hoist
The clearance height is the distance from the bottom of the loading hook to the top of the hoisting machinery such as electric hoist. Generally speaking, this is the minimum amount of vertical space required for the hoisting machinery to be freely suspended and correctly operated. The general lifting height is that the load hook can move. The maximum vertical distance of the load.


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