Advantages of aluminum alloy chain lever hoist

Advantages of aluminum alloy chain lever hoist

22 Aug 2020

Aluminum alloy chain lever hoist is a commonly used high-altitude tight wire manual operating tool in the electric power field. It is widely used and can easily complete traction and lifting tasks. So what are the advantages of aluminum alloy lever hoist compared with traditional lever hoist?

chain lever hoist
The advantages of aluminum alloy Chain lever hoist are generally reflected in the following five aspects:

       1. The outer shell of Chain lever hoist is generally made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, so it has strong corrosion resistance;

       2. The chain of Chain lever hoist is made of high-strength special alloy steel material with high strength and good toughness. The chain will basically not break suddenly, and will only slowly deform under overload conditions;

       3. The surface of the lever hoist is specially heat-treated, which can meet the weight of 50% of the rated load.

       4. Simple maintenance, durable, small lever force and high work efficiency;

       5. Beautiful appearance, extremely small size, light weight, and more convenient to carry;


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