Answers to some questions about the concave process of Electric Chain hoist

Answers to some questions about the concave process of Electric Chain hoist

28 Sep 2020

Now that the process of industrialization is accelerating, the processes related to the electric hoist housing for industrial applications are also constantly being updated. The old concave process is no longer suitable for the shaping of the Electric Chain hoist. The concave old gourd shell process generally has the following disadvantages:

To use this repair method, the electric hoist needs to be removed. When performing related operations, you need to be very careful about the circuit, otherwise accidents are easy to occur. This work requires very strict professional knowledge of the repair personnel.

Moreover, when the old shell technology is in operation, it basically takes a long time to operate, and the workload related to repairs is very large. It is for the construction personnel to use the old method to process the machine. It is not only a physical test, but also a psychological test.

During the operation of the old process, because of the high risk, it is basically necessary to go through the crane repair notification procedures. This is a means to strictly control the process and reduce the risk. Generally, the relevant person will be responsible for it. People carry out the acceptance inspection because the risk factor is relatively large when the old process is operated.

Now with the development of science and technology, the general Electric Chain hoist has basically been operated by the new concave process, and the characteristics of the concave new process basically have the following points.

Generally, it is necessary to make full use of the existing electric hoist housing on the existing basis, so that the related disassembly and disassembly of the electric hoist can be directly avoided. This not only reduces the impact of the construction of the constructor, but also reduces the construction of the constructor. Operation requirements, thereby greatly saving manpower and material resources.

Because it is directly used and adopts the screw top, it can reduce the working time of personnel, reduce the difficulty of construction, and improve the safety and reliability of the operators. The new technology is easy to operate, safe and reliable, greatly reducing the workload, and making full use of the personnel voluntarily.


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