Chain electric hoist how to solve the noise?

Chain electric hoist how to solve the noise?

25 Oct 2019

Wire rope chain electric hoist as a lifting device, it will inevitably have some problems when it is used for a long time. How to solve the noise of the electric hoist proposed by the customer? sorts out the motor, bearing, coupling, reducer, gear and contactor. Noise analysis and solutions for noise solve the reference scheme for electric hoist noise.

If the electric hoist reducer is faulty, if the reducer produces abnormal noise, it needs to stop immediately. Check if the gearbox and the bearing are lubricated before use. See if you need to change the lubricating oil regularly.
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There is also a case where the operation of the lubricating oil is not standardized, resulting in excessive hum of the reducer, which may excessively wear or damage the gears and bearings. The solution is to regularly maintain the reducer and standardize the addition of lubricating oil. The specific standard can refer to the manual of the electric hoist.

The electric hoist motor is faulty. When the motor is in single-phase operation, the whole motor emits a humming sound that is regularly strong and weak. Once the motor emits abnormal noise, it should stop immediately.

When the bearing is damaged, it will be in the vicinity of the bearing, and it will be accompanied by a squeaking noise.

When the coupling shaft is not right, or the motor is slightly broomed, the entire motor emits a very high click, accompanied by sharp and harsh sounds.

The electric hoist contactor is faulty. When the contact of the AC contactor is poor, the voltage level is inconsistent, and the magnetic core is stuck, it will emit “哼” noise. If the contactor is faulty, it should be repaired immediately. The repair cannot be repaired immediately, and after the treatment, the noise disappears by itself.

Therefore, in order to solve the noise problem, it is necessary to find out the motor fault according to the difference of the noise, and then carry out item-by-item maintenance to restore the normal performance of the motor. When the motor fault is not handled, it is forbidden to use the electric hoist.


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