How does explosion-proof chain hoist use the guide wheel to guide?

How does explosion-proof chain hoist use the guide wheel to guide?

22 Jun 2020

The explosion-proof chain hoist can use guide wheels to guide the operation during vertical operations, but when using guide wheels, the structure and equipment of the rack must be paid attention to during the welding operation. The purpose of this equipment is generally to identify the sum of the wheel's stabilizing torque and various reaction forces relative to the steering linkage.

Explosion-proof chain hoist generally does not use wheels in sports, and some use guide wheels. But the wheel is one of the most important parts in the crane working device, and the guide wheel is the most important auxiliary part in the crane working device.

explosion-proof chain hoist
Help is helpful. When the lifting work car adapts to the work and steering on the curved track, the expansion-proof chain hoist horizontal guide wheel working on the curve can be used as an open gear for the reducer's low-speed output.

For the low-height lifting work trolley, in addition to adding counterweight equipment, the lifting work trolley can also be started without counterweight. The guide wheels are equipped with anti-support wheels on the working car frame to support the appearance under the track and become a counterweight car.

The guide wheel is composed of a runner and left and right guard plates. The lower ends of the left and right guard plates are connected with fastening bolts. The runner is fixed between the left and right guard plates through the shaft device.

This is the guide work of the guide wheel. Under a certain working environment, the reaction force of the wheel is the main purpose of the guide wheel guide work.


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