How to adjust the electric winch hoist brake?

How to adjust the electric winch hoist brake?

21 Nov 2019

The electric winch hoist has a brake failure condition, which causes the hook to slip when there is no load, which may cause a potential accident. At this time, you need to adjust the brakes. What are the tips for adjusting the brakes?

electric winch hoist
The electric hoist brake is usually realized by the motor. Remove the tail cover, turn off the four screws that fix the adjusting nut, then use the wrench to turn the adjusting nut to the limit position clockwise, and then rotate it counterclockwise one turn. Then install the fastening screw to adjust the success.

If the spring takes a long time and the elasticity is insufficient, replacing the spring will solve the problem. If it is caused by long-term overload, adjust the brakes, and then tighten the big nut at the back of the motor to see if it is not working.


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