How to deal with manual hoist block if there is water in it?

How to deal with manual hoist block if there is water in it?

21 May 2020

Manual hoist block is a manual hoisting machine that is simple to use and very convenient to carry. It is generally suitable for short-distance lifting of small equipment and goods, and is widely used in re-industry. Because it is a mechanical device, it is necessary to avoid the water. However, after using it for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be problems of water contact. For example, if you forget to clean the manual hoist after use on rainy days, it may cause the manual hoist block to rust.

How to deal with the manual hoist block after entering the water?

Generally speaking, the problem of water inflow in a short time is not big, just need to dry the manual hoist and other parts in time to make it completely dry. And if it is in contact with water for a long time, even if the surface of the manual hoist is coated with a waterproof layer, then it is also very easy to be corroded by rust.

Therefore, the main method is to dry the surface of the Manual hoist block, and then use anti-rust grease for treatment, pay attention to the application evenly. After that, the shell of the manual hoist must be disassembled, its internal parts cleaned, and lubricating oil should be injected for maintenance to avoid rust and corrosion, which will affect the life of the hoist and affect the work.


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