How to install and debug the chain hoist electric limiter?

How to install and debug the chain hoist electric limiter?

25 Oct 2019

The chain hoist electric limiter device is generally composed of a connecting rod, a positioning clip, a rope guide, and a limiter. The fire stop limiter can effectively prevent the hook from exceeding the rising limit position, thereby avoiding the topping and the wire rope being blocked. Pulling off faults, etc., thereby improving the safety of the device. However, if the installation is wrong, you can not play the safety protection function of the fire stop limiter. How should you install and debug the electric hoist limiter?
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First, the screws on the bumper block should be loosened. The bumper blocks are placed on both sides of the rope guide card, so that the card can freely move the bumper. The starter motor starts to lift, and the upper limit of the card push can also be moved by the block.

When it rises to 150mm~50mm from the lower edge of the reel housing, it will stop rising. When the button is lowered, the guide will move about 10mm, stop, move the upper limit block closer to the card, and start. Tighten the screws.

Then the adjustment of the lower limit position is the same as above, and the direction is opposite. It is necessary to ensure that the hook is at the lowest position, and more than 3 loops of wire rope are left on the reel. After the adjustment, you can test the crane several times at no load to verify whether the upper and lower limits meet the requirements.

The limiter is an insurance mechanism that restricts the wire rope from being raised or lowered within a certain range. When the wire rope guide contacts the fire stop limiter, the electric hoist will stop automatically.

The fire stop limiter is a kind of travel switch. The fire break is to cut off the power supply. The travel switch only controls the coil of the contactor. If the contactor itself has a problem, the travel switch will not be protected. The fire stop limiter is mechanically protected and can be protected if the wiring is correct.


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