Introduction to the principle structure of Crane Scale

Introduction to the principle structure of Crane Scale

25 Sep 2019

The Crane Scale is a crane weighing device, also known as a crane electronic scale. The scale and the mechanical control part of the crane are integrated into one, and the crane can be weighed as it travels. It monitors the predetermined weighing position with a proximity switch and converts the hydraulic pressure into the weight of the load in the bucket for weighing.
                                                                          Crane Scale
The crane scales are generally installed on the oil inlet and return oil paths of the crane boom cylinder, so that the pressure change of the cylinder during the lifting of the crane boom can be measured, and the speed can be adjusted. The central processor in the on-board instrument automatically performs the relevant calculations so that the weight data can be derived and the resulting weight displayed on the meter screen.

During the lifting process of the dump truck, the pressure sensor transmits the signal to the computer for data conversion processing; when the locomotive shovel the cargo, the boom should be immediately retracted to the starting position, and the crane scale will immediately display the weight of the cargo; When unloading, the screen will also display the accumulated weight; when the bucket falls to the starting point, the screen will also display the total accumulated weight of the goods.


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