Knowledge about the lifting speed of Electric Chain hoist

Knowledge about the lifting speed of Electric Chain hoist

19 Jun 2020

The chain sling is generally composed of 7.1mm and 11.2mm, and the surface is hardened to ensure the safety and durability of the sling. The stiffened surface of the heavy chain prevents product damage and softening of the core material, which allows the lifting chain to maintain high performance for a long period of time. Generally, the chain is made of low-carbon alloy steel, making the chain more flexible, thus It can be more durable and ensure safe operation.

Electric Chain hoist can generally be customized according to customer requirements, which can make customers more convenient and worry-free. The imported electric hoist is equipped with chain bags to make the electric hoist look clean, tidy and beautiful. The chain bag is also equipped with anti-rust oil, which makes the chain difficult to rust and prolongs the service life of the electric hoist.

Electric Chain hoist
The speed of the electric chain crane is different, such as the type of Electric Chain hoist wire rope, the common lifting speed is 8 meters per minute, and the speed of the chain type electric hoist is different, the speed, the slightly faster speed is 6 meters per minute, so When buying an electric hoist, the lifting speed of the chain must be considered, so as to select the appropriate electric hoist and play the biggest role of the electric hoist.


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