Precautions for wire rope tirfor

Precautions for wire rope tirfor

15 Apr 2020

Pay attention to the following points when using the wire rope tirfor:

    1. The hoist of appropriate tonnage must be selected according to the size of the load.

    2. Before use, you must check whether the fastening screws of the housing are tightened, and there must be no loosening; pull the handles to check whether the movement is normal; if the operation is coordinated, there is no abnormal noise or stuck, you can pull the loosening handle and penetrate Wipe clean the supporting wire rope, and clamp the wire rope, then pull forward or backward hand handle, depending on whether its movement is normal.

    3. Securely fix the hoist with the wire rope of the specified model and specification.

    4. During the operation, it is not allowed to replace the steel wire rope with other ropes other than the matching; during the operation, the steel wire rope should be kept clean to prevent the adhering mud and oil from entering the machine, affecting the normal use or increasing the wear of the clamp.

    5. There is no need to add lubricating oil during use.

    6. Do not lengthen the operating handle arbitrarily; the other handles should be allowed to follow freely during operation, and must not be blocked.

    7. Under special circumstances, when the wire rope lever hoist is used for lifting in the hanging cage, the hoisting weight of the hoist should be reduced to 1/3 of the rated lifting weight.



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