What are the methods of electric hoist preservation?

What are the methods of electric hoist preservation?

21 May 2020

Electric hoist specifications and models are complete, so different types can be supplied for different places. Therefore, before using this equipment, the operator needs to check the lubrication of the lifting chain and try to let the chain soak in the lubricant.
When the electric hoist presses the button of the switch, the device will start to descend until the limit switch. At this time, the motor will generally stop automatically. When the button on the switch is pressed, the chain will be retracted into the chain bag. The motor will not be retracted until the chain is fully retracted. Will stop running.

 Electric hoist
The maintenance method of the electric hoist of the chain, after the device is used for a long time, the chain will wear to varying degrees, so the outer shell will corrode, so maintenance is essential, but the equipment maintenance must be divided into time periods, Different stages can get different maintenance effects.
First of all, when the oil in the gearbox reaches several hours from the start of operation, it is necessary to check whether the lubricating oil is enough in time, and also check the lubricating oil in the third month after use Added in time.
In addition, when the equipment is working in the open air, it is necessary to do rainproof work. After the operation is completed, the equipment must be kept away from wet areas, high temperature areas, and chemical areas, so as to ensure that the equipment is not damaged.


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