What is likely to cause damage to the Hydraulic Bottle Jack

What is likely to cause damage to the Hydraulic Bottle Jack

04 Dec 2019

The quality of the seal is not good, the general seal structure design is unreasonable, and the material is not good. For example, the manufacturing process and accuracy are poor, and the mold is defective. Defective trimming may cause damage to the Hydraulic Bottle Jack

For storage, transportation and maintenance reasons, the storage overflow and humidity are improper, so when exposed to oxygen and ozone, because of improper storage conditions, and improper maintenance, hydraulic jacks can easily be damaged. The quality of parts manufacturing and assembly is poor, if the accuracy and surface roughness of the parts are not up to the requirements, or the processing methods are unreasonable, then when installing the seals, the sharp edges and thread ends will damage the lips because of unprotected The mouth can also easily cause damage to the hydraulic jack.

Hydraulic Bottle Jack
The fitting design structure is unreasonable. If the selected seal cannot meet the requirements of working pressure, speed and temperature. The oil medium is not compatible with the environmental conditions, so the groove design of the installation seal is improper, the clearance and compression amount are not selected reasonably, and the failure to prevent corrosion, vibration, and pressure equalization is very easy to cause. The jack is damaged.


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