What Is The Difference Between Hand Chain Hoist And Lever Hoist?

What Is The Difference Between Hand Chain Hoist And Lever Hoist?

08 Jun 2024

Hand chain hoists and lever hoists are commonly used lifting tools. In simple terms, a chain hoist is lifting device that is operated by pulling hand chain. A lever hoist is a lifting device that is operated by a rotating handle or lever.
Although these lifting devices have similar functions and appearances, they are operated differently.

So what is the difference between chain hoist and lever hoist?

Here are 3 differences between chain hoist and lever hoist:

1. Different structures

The structure of a hand chain hoist is simpler, consisting of a handle, chain, hook, and gear; while a lever hoist has a handle, chain, hook, gear, and rocker arm. Therefore, a hand chain hoist is lighter than a lever hoist.

2. Different usage methods

The lever hoist is operated using one hand by cranking the handle or lever forward or backward. Chain blocks are operated with two hands by pulling down the hand chain.

3. Different scope of application

Hand chain hoists are mostly used for lifting, loading, and unloading of goods, and are suitable for short-distance lifting of small equipment and goods. However, hand lever hoists can be used in various fields, including machinery manufacturing, construction engineering, shipbuilding, coal mining, etc.

4. Two models

Before choosing the suitable lifting equipment, you need to know the capacity of the load to ensure you match the load with the correct block. When choosing a suitable hoist for your lift, it is important to consider the application, size, and load.

We provide the following two types of hand chain hoists for your reference:

VD Chain Block

VD Chain Block is manufactured with quality components for long life in the toughest industrial and contracting applications. It is compact, lightweight, and extremely durable.  Capacities range from 500 kg to 50 tons. Perfect for small worksites to large manufacturing plants. The VD series comes with a one-year extended warranty.


The SBH-A Series is available in capacities from 750kg to 9 tonnes. It is equipped with a nickel-plated 80-grade or 100-grade load chain, which is super strong and durable. Ideal for lifting, lowering, positioning and tensioning loads with maximum efficiency with minimal effort. 


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