What parts of the Electric Hoist are explosion-proof?

What parts of the Electric Hoist are explosion-proof?

06 Feb 2020

Not all explosion-proof Electric Hoist parts are made of explosion-proof materials, but the core parts need to be explosion-proof. So which parts need to be explosion-proof?

In general, the motor must be explosion-proof. The hoisting motor and the running motor of the explosion-proof electric hoist are both explosion-proof. The explosion-proof electric hoist is longer than the ordinary motor. The protection level of the motor is generally IP55, the insulation level is F, and the ordinary wire rope electric hoist is IP44, and the insulation level is B.

Electric Hoist
Similarly, the hook must also be explosion-proof. The lower hook for lifting the third-level explosion-proof is an ordinary hook head, so there is a copper piece at the rope exit of the hook wheel, and the lower-level explosion-proof lower hook basically belongs to the third level. Replace with stainless steel.

There is a guide rope. The guide rope of the third-grade explosion-proof wire rope Electric Hoist is the same as the ordinary wire rope electric hoist, but the guide rope of the fourth-grade explosion-proof wire rope and electric hoist are explosion-proof and copper-containing. Finally, the walking wheels are explosion-proof. The walking wheels are explosion-proof, that is, stainless steel electrodes are manually added to ordinary wheels.


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