Wind affects the operation of Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Wind affects the operation of Electric Wire Rope Hoist

22 Apr 2020

We generally have more opportunities to use heavy lifting equipment for heavy machinery outdoors. If you are working outdoors, it is easily affected by the weather. For example, if you are working in a windy weather, it will bring a certain difficulty to the operation of Electric Wire Rope Hoist.

Electric Wire Rope Hoist lifting mechanism during the lifting of cargo, because of the cargo itself cross-section and the huge shape of the equipment, this will encounter a certain degree of wind resistance. How to carry out relevant safety operations in response to this situation? What kind of electric hoist should we choose to safely deal with the resistance caused by the wind?

In fact, the electric hoist works by the electric motor, so it is necessary to consider the static power of the motor to select the appropriate electric hoist, how does the static power come out? Let's take a look at this.

The static power of the electric hoist motor is generally affected by factors such as the operating speed of the electric hoist, the efficiency of the whole machine, and the operating resistance it bears. Running resistance generally includes wind resistance, transportation resistance, contact friction resistance, etc., so the calculation of wind resistance is particularly important when outdoors. Therefore, when selecting an electric hoist motor, these factors need to be considered comprehensively.

In fact, we consider these factors to ensure that the electric hoist can carry out the lifting operation normally and safely, and also improve the efficiency of the use of work.


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