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Hand Pulley Block

Double sheave pulley blockDouble sheave pulley block is an important lifting tool with simple structure and use conveniently. Double sheave pulley block can change direction of pulley, steel rope and can lift high weight cargoes, especially series of pulley combined with windlass, mast and other lifting machinery. Double sheave pulley blocks are widely used in installation in construction and divides into hook type(open type) and ring type(closed type). The closed type can fix in one place. The hook type can unload easily. Heavy Duty Double Sheave Snatch Lifting Pulley Block With Hook is widely used in various occasions, it can lift objects from 0.5T to 50tons, also can connect with heavy crane together to lift goods.
FOB MOQ:50PCS.Price$ base on the order quantity and it is negotiable.


Model: HCB
Technical Features
1. HCB, a UK design, is used to change the load line direction with a machined steel sheave.
2. Drop forged, heat treated swivel hook and latch with stretch indicator and identity code.
3. Can be furnished with bronze bushings or roller bearings.
4. Opening feature permits quick insertion and positioning of rope on the sheave.
5. Blocks can be securely locked by swinging the hook in the direction of pull.
6. Groove and sheave is made from high quality machined alloy steel to suit its intended rope diameter.
7. For use with steel wire rope and fibre rope.
8. Manufactured in accordance with European standard EN 13157:2003, and the machinery directive 98/37/EC.

Pulley Block
Hand Pulley Block Champion HCB Type

Model WLL(t) Hook Latch H(mm) Rope Diameter
Dimensions(mm) Weight(kg)
B B1 B2 H11 H2 H3 D1 D2 R
HCB05 0.5 20 Φ5 95 62 16 260 190 20 75 88 3 2.0
HCB10 1.0 23 Φ7 118 76 17 305 200 23 85 105 4 3.2
HCB20 2.0 27 Φ13 119 92 24 425 263 30 150 190 7 7.3
HCB32 3.2 31 Φ15 230 108 28 496 295 40 180 220 9 13.1
HCB64 6.4 42 Φ18 270 116 35 655 375 47 210 260 10 22.1


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