06 Feb 2020

Mini electric hoist brake pressure spring fatigue caused by prolonged use

If the mini electric hoist is disabled for a long time, someone may start adjusting the brake adjusting nut by mistake, or the brake ring may be worn out too much, which will directly reduce the brake spring pressure and reduce the braking force. The brake is not reliable when the machine is stopped, so the sliding distance exceeds the specified re

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24 Dec 2019

Main items of electric Hydraulic Bottle Jack lifting heavy objects

        It is necessary to reasonably select the focal point of the electro-hydraulic jack. The most important thing is to flatten the bottom surface. You also need to consider the soft and hard conditions on the ground. You must consider whether you want to place tough wood with a pad. Check whether the placement is stable. Slu

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14 Dec 2019

New method to solve Electric Wire Rope Hoist

During the use of Electric Wire Rope Hoist, there may be improper use or other reasons leading to the stuck rope. If there is a problem to be solved, how to solve the stuck rope of the electric hoist? Generally, the wire rope is caught in the gap between the drum and the lifting motor. The usual method is to remove the motor and take out the wir

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10 Dec 2019

Lomba Lifting attended Exhibition of PHILCONSTRUCT

LOMBA lifting attended Exhibition of PHILCONSTRUCT Address:  World Trade Center Metro Manila, Philippines. Time: November 7 to 10, 2019

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04 Dec 2019

What is likely to cause damage to the Hydraulic Bottle Jack

The quality of the seal is not good, the general seal structure design is unreasonable, and the material is not good. For example, the manufacturing process and accuracy are poor, and the mold is defective. Defective trimming may cause damage to the Hydraulic Bottle Jack For storage, transportation and maintenance reasons, the storage overflow a

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